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Dec. 31, 2018



The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and its Departments and Agencies belong to the Central Management Agencies category of Government Machinery with the mandate to ensure good governance and balanced development of Metropolitan / Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs). The Ministry derives its mandate from the 1992 constitution and section 12 of the PNDCL 327 which provides the responsibilities of Ministries.

National Digital Property Addressing and Street Naming initiative

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) is collaborating with the Ministry of Communication (MoI), to harmonize the Digital Addressing System with the Street Naming and Property Addressing System. When completed the initiative will reduce the cost and make geographic information readily accessible to the public, also related to this will be a significant improvement in revenue collection in the Districts.

Rural Development Policy

The Ministry has developed a Rural Development Policy that aims at guiding the overall development of Ghana’s Rural Communities. Four Zonal Stakeholder Consultations have been undertaken nationwide with the relevant sector Ministries and Agencies. Subsequently the final draft of the policy has been submitted to cabinet.

Decentralisation Programme

The MLGRD organized 10 Regional Sensitization Awareness workshops, on the Election of Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) on partisan basis. The workshops sought to target key actors in Local Governance including, Traditional Authorities, Civil Society Organizations, MMDCEs, Assembly Members, Members of Parliament (MPs) Political Parties and the Media, over 2,000 participants endorsed the President’s commitment to electing MMDCEs on partisan basis.

Funding of MMDAs

The Ministry through the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) office has paid all arrears on the DACF to MMDAs and Regional Coordianting Councils (RCCs). The total sum disbursed is GH¢364,894,375.76 covering all quarters of 2017.

A total sum of GH¢48,715,708.86 have also been transferred to selected MMAs under the Urban Development Grant (UDG) for the implementation of projects in their Mid-term and Annual Action Plans in the following Sectors: Education, Health, Water and Sanitation.

Kumasi Central Market

The redevelopment of the Kumasi Central Market and Kejetia infrastructure was undertaken to enhance the socio-economic and commercial activities. Phase (1) of the project has been completed which comprised 8,200 market stores and stalls, with several facilities including rood works, transport system, water, power distribution, drainage systems, sewer collection and disposal and community facilities, such as health center, police station, fire detection, clinic and combat systems.  Approval has been given by Cabinet and Parliament for the construction of phase 2 which includes an additional 10,000 stores and stalls for implementation in 2019.


In line with the Government’s efforts to replace illegal gold mining activities (Galamsey) with functional and viable Alternative Livelihood Programme to avert the negative effects on the environment, The MLGRD, through the Department of Community Development (DoCD), was tasked to design, develop and implement viable alternative livelihood strategies for sustainable development in the galamsey communities in Ghana.

Under a sponsorship programme, five regions with 18 Districts, namely: Central, Eastern, Western, Brong Ahafo, and Ashanti were selected. The training was done at two levels as (a) Institutional (training in Community Development Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Institutions and (b) community (with master-craftsmen and local TVET related / agencies /facilities). The Institutional training was between three months to one year, and community from two weeks to one year.


So far, 5,000 trainees have registered and have been grouped under trade areas of choice, with 330 from each District.  About 450 (10%) out of 5,000 trainees were shortlisted as pre-test to kick start the Institutional   training in 7 trade areas as: Vocational Courses (3) – Dress-making; Hairdressing; & Flour confectioneries; and Technical Courses (4) - Plumbing; Electricals; Auto mechanics; and Building & Construction in August, 2018. Trainees were placed appropriately to CDVTIs considering strength of the Institutes, availability of instructors, facilities etc. Reports indicate that, the trainees are doing perfectly well with evidence in producing samples of quality products practically from various trades even within this short time.

Births and Deaths Registration Programme

To improve statistics for national planning, the MLGRD through Birth and Deaths, a Department under MLGRD, registered 311,526 births, representing 36% coverage, and 28,829 deaths registered, representing 10% coverage for deaths.

MLGRD has also completed consultations on the revised Birth and Deaths Bill, towards the passage of the Deaths and Births Act.


Department of Parks and Garden

The Department of Parks and Gardens which is a department under MLGRD, carried out landscaping and designs at the Millennium House, Peduase Lodge, State House and other ceremonial gardens. 

A total land area of 1,880,524m2 was landscaped, beautified and maintained.

Job Creation

The Office of the Head of Local Government Service (OHLGS) recruited 1,049 to fill vacancies in engineering procurement and Human Resource Management Units of MMDAs.

On implementing GSOP Sub-Projects in the participating Districts, the labour intensive Public Works strategies were used to create a total of 32,091 temporal jobs with gross wage payment of GH¢14,897,841.









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