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Minister calls for UNDP support

April 8, 2021

The Minister for Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development, Hon. Daniel Botwe has called on the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Ghana, Mr Charles Abani to come up with new strategies on decentralisation development in the country.

He noted the importance to draw home decentralisation programmes and activities to improve and manage performances, especially on community facilities, tax and, rates in various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

He called for capacity building and re-tooling of the vocational and technical units under the Department of Community Development to enable the Department to improve upon its roles and responsibilities to fast-track development in the various MMDAs.

These requests were made when the Resident Coordinator called on the sector Minister to brief him on UNDP’s activities with the Ministry on local governance and decentralisation.

Hon. Botwe noted that the Births and Deaths Registry and the Department of Parks and Gardens, all under the Ministry would be strengthened and supported to function appropriately and effectively across the country.

He called for an improvement on the partnership between the Ministry and UNDP.

In his response, the UN Resident Coordinator explained that the Secondary Cities Support programme would continue to build urban resilience to accelerate Ghana's development.    

He noted the digitalisation of the informal economy, the building of urban resilience and improvement of waste management as the support given to accelerate development. 

He observed that the rapid urbanisation and the limited investment to upgrade the critical infrastructure of cities have contributed to the proliferation of slums and informal settlements. 

Due to the lack of infrastructure, communities could not absorb socio-economic and climatic shocks, which had further eroded existing and dilapidated infrastructure. 

The ongoing Multi-City Challenge model was created to change how public institutions work to enable them to become more data-driven, agile, innovative, and capable of tapping expertise from new sources to respond more effectively to novel challenges. 

The programme was expected to bring out civil servants and residents in countries’ expertise to enable them to define problems and find innovative solutions, creating synergies and economies of scale.



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